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Augsburg upset Bayern 2******

BERLIN, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- First-half goals from Mads Pedersen and Andre Hahn secured Augsburg a surprising 2-1 win over frontrunners Bayern Munich at the curtain raiser of the 12th round in Bundesliga on Friday.。

Bayern had a bright start into the clash and could break the deadlock with 7 minutes gone, but Omar Richards pulled over the target from inside the box.。

Augsburg responded well to Bayern's early chance and staged a well-positioned bulwark as the game clock ticked.。

The Fuggerstadter then shocked Bayern with the opener out of the blue in the 23rd minute when Andi Zeqiri's good build-up work and cross into the box allowed Pedersen to hammer home the lead into the top right corner.。

Bayern lacked in accuracy in the final third and invited Augsburg to make it two as Zeqiri dispossessed Marcel Sabitzer before finding Hahn, who nodded home the 2-0 advantage in the 35th minute.。

The German record champions responded with furious attacks and eventually halved the deficit three minutes later after Robert Lewandowski made the most of Thomas Muller's backheel lay-up.。

After the restart, Bayern continued to press forward but lacked once again in accuracy as Lewandowski volleyed a loose ball from close range over the target with five minutes into the second half.。

Augsburg focused fully on its defence and kept all its men behind the ball whereas uninspired Bayern couldn't find a gap in the host's defence.。

Alphonso Davies and Lewandowski came close but couldn't beat Augsburg goalkeeper Rafal Giekiwicz in the closing stages.。

With the result, Bayern Munich suffer its second loss of the season meanwhile Augsburg secure vital points to climb out of the bottom three onto the 15th spot.。

"Congrats to Augsburg and coach Markus Weinzierl. They wrapped a deserved victory today. We didn't create enough chances to reap a point here and we are of course disappointed," Bayern head coach Julian Nagelsmann said.。

"My team performed very well over 90 minutes. We scored twice in the first half to pave the way for the win. Bayern increased the pressure after the restart, but we stood firm and snatched a deserved win," Augsburg head coach Markus Weinzierl said.。

The following fixtures are set for Saturday: runner up Borussia Dortmund host Stuttgart, Armenia Bielefeld see Wolfsburg, Bayer Leverkusen meet Bochum, Borussia Monchengladbach face Greuther Furth, Hoffenheim take on Leipzig and Union Berlin encounter local rivals Hertha Berlin. Enditem。

Economic Watch: "First******

BEIJING, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- Eyeing for the wide consumer market and the increasing demand for quality life in China, more and more international and domestic brands have set up their first stores in the country or in a major Chinese city, injecting new impetus into the country's retail sales.

Since its opening in the China World Mall in Beijing in June, the store Choo Noble, the first on the Chinese mainland, has received an increasing number of customers. A brand of the Hong Kong-based company China Nobleness, the store sells color pencils and crayons from Switzerland, as well as wine, coffee and beer from Europe.

"Many companies have come to place orders for pencils, wine and coffee from Switzerland," said Amy Cao, manager of the brand.

Cao said the sound business environment and orderly organization in Beijing made the company determined to open its first store on the mainland here. "The favorable operation conditions have given us confidence, and we have planned to open more stores in the domestic market," she said.

In July, China approved Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Chongqing to take the lead in building international consumption center cities.

In an implementation plan for this goal, issued by the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, Beijing said over 3,000 first, innovation and flagship stores of brands from both at home and abroad are expected to open by 2025 in the city.

Third-party statistics show that a total of 696 first stores, including flagship stores, had been set up in Beijing in the first three quarters, and the figure in Shanghai was 513 during the first half of this year.

Japanese fashion store Studious has included more than 80 Japanese brands of clothes and accessories in the 860-square-meter outlet that opened in April in Beijing, the first store in the city.

"Among the outlets in China, the one in Beijing is the largest in terms of the number of Japanese brands. The next step, we are going to open another one in Guangzhou," said Zhang Tianhao, head of the Studious Beijing outlet.

In the shopping mall "The New" in downtown Xidan, where the Studious store is located, nearly half of the stores are first stores or flagship stores in Beijing, some even in China. The mall opening in April receives some 50,000 customers every day.

Yan Ligang, head of the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, said that the city will further strengthen the ability to gather talent in international retailing and consumption, as well as to innovate, enhance the business operation models to continuously introduce first stores of major brands to the city.

China's retail sales of consumer goods went up 16.4 percent year on year to around 31.8 trillion yuan (about 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars) in the first three quarters of this year, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed.

In Shanghai, the new shopping mall Taikoo Li Qiantan that opened in late September in the Pudong New Area received more than 100,000 people daily during the National Day holiday from Oct. 1 to 7. Among the 200-plus stores that cover high-end retail, dining and beverage, as well as culture and arts in the mall, more than 50 are the first of their brands in Shanghai.

"Even window shopping in these novel stores is interesting," said Zhang Qi, a local resident visiting the mall.

The Pudong New Area has unveiled a plan to attract world consumer brands, aiming to become home to over 100 headquarters and over 1,000 first stores of consumer brands.

Gu Jun, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, said the city will better make use of the major platform of China International Import Expo to optimize customs clearance and other procedures related to imported exhibits and commodities, and promote international brands to debut their products, shows and exhibitions more smoothly in Shanghai, so as to turn the city into a highland for new launches and first stores in the world. Enditem

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苹果提升 MacBook Air 屏幕亮度,硬件规格维持不变******

原标题:苹果提升 MacBook Air 屏幕亮度,硬件规格维持不变

近日,苹果公司低调的在其网站上对 MacBook Air 的规格进行了调整,苹果网站的更新显示,配备了 13 英寸 MacBook Air 的显示屏亮度从 300 nits 调整到了 400 nits。

最新一代 MacBook Air 之前的屏幕亮度为 300 nit,远低于 MacBook Pro 机型 500 nit 的输出亮度。不过,苹果网站上的比较工具显示,MacBook Air 的规格发生了变化,有网友发现,这个比较工具将模型显示为 400 nit 亮度,而不是 300 nit。来自苹果内部的消息人士向相关媒体表示,这次的变化是针对 macOS 10.14.4 的变化而更新的,当被问及是什么具体的变化促使硬件规格进行修改时,苹果公司指出了 macOS 的发布说明,说明该版本调整了默认屏幕亮度。

从服务的角度来看,屏幕部件号没有改变,在销售库存方面,MacBook Air 自发布以来也没有出现差异化,这两点都可以表明硬件没有改变。

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